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4th Somerville Jingle Bell Run brings some cheer to my Sunday morning

December 19, 2010

I was sitting in my bedroom when I started hearing lots of stomping and bells ringing. I opened my blinds and saw hordes of red- and green-clad runners headed down Cedar Street. Here are some photos I took through my window screen (yeah, I’m like that old lady who hangs out by her window waiting for something to happen):

Here’s an approximately two-minute video I made:

“This is a toast to Jeannie’s rational approach to decision-making”

April 20, 2010

I had a good chuckle the other day when I watched some of my friend Jeannie’s wedding video with her and our respective significant others.

They made me watch the part where I gave Jeannie a wedding toast. It’s always hard to watch yourself speak. You notice your faults that way.

I started off the toast describing how Jeannie and I met and mentioning some fun times we had together. I then began listening a number of the characteristics I like about Jeannie.

The first two were pretty standard. But the next characteristic was her “rational approach to decision-making.” Rational approach to decision-making? What was I thinking! Who says that during a wedding toast?

This part of the speech had Jeannie, her husband, my boyfriend and I roaring with laughter. My boyfriend was like, “Christine, that was supposed to be a wedding toast, not a nomination speech for a new Supreme Court Justice!”

Oh well, guess I didn’t get the memo!

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