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Maybe I should go back to seventh grade…

May 14, 2010

This week I’m in Syracuse, New York, working as a tutor. My student is in seventh grade, and behind in his school work. My job is to get him as caught up as possible, as well as motivate him to go to school at this difficult time.

I think things are going well so far. What’s surprised me, though, is the amount of information I’ve learned this week. There are so many things that seventh-graders are learning that either I’ve forgotten or never learned myself. For example:

Did you know that in the early- to mid-1800s a number of Native Americans living in the South resisted the military’s attempts to move them west? Some of them were successful, and their descendants live in the South (states like North Carolina and Florida) today.

Well, one interesting story is about a Cherokee Indian in North Carolina named Tsali, and two of his sons, who gave up their life so their tribe could stay in North Carolina. Tsali accidentally killed an American soldier during a struggle, and escaped with his family.

The military couldn’t find the family anywhere. So they sent Tsali a message saying if he and two of his sons gave up their lives the rest of the Cherokees still in North Caroline could stay in North Carolina. The three of them accepted and were killed. Their fellow Cherokees were then left alone.

I’ve learned the most about American history.

I’ve also learned some things about grammar that I probably should have known already. (more…)