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Some pictures from my recent trip to Manomet (in Plymouth, MA)

September 10, 2010

My boyfriend’s family has had a camp there for generations. A couple of long weekends per year I join them at it. We sleep in tents, build a fire, and cook on the grill. We drive to Manomet Point for a view of Provincetown, walk along the nearby Cape Cod Canal, and go to Gellar’s for ice cream.

We also canoe on the stream that runs behind their property, swim in a nearby lake (much warmer than the ocean) and play board games (I learned cribbage this year). On the Fourth of July we go down to the ocean to see fireworks and the big beach bonfires.

Here are some photos from my Labor Day weekend stay:

I helped collect firewood.

My boyfriend unloaded the wood.

We had lobster for dinner (the one on the left was 7 pounds)!

A boat on the Cape Cod Canal

My boyfriend and I at the Cape Cod Canal

I look forward to returning to Manomet next summer!

Some recent acquisitions

September 1, 2010

A cute key holder from Montreal:

A back massager (works quite well, though it doesn’t go as high as I’d like it too):

A ceramic coin holder (well at least that’s what I made it) from an antiques store in Plymouth:

A lighthouse piece of art (boyfriend loves lighthouses) from Plymouth:

Mums from my sister:

Stop & Shop cookies from my sister (I wouldn’t normally mention grocery store-brand cookies, but these ones are amazing! Almost as good as cookies from Weggies!):

A Frenchy shirt from Montreal (yeah, I know it needs to be ironed):

I’m so lucky with all this cool stuff!

Did you know there was a second Mayflower?

August 31, 2010

I didn’t, but recently learned this upon visiting Plymouth, Massachusetts with my parents. The replica of the original Mayflower sits at Plymouth’s State Pier.

Part of the Mayflower II

The original Mayflower transported the Pilgrims from England to Massachusetts in 1620. It returned to England and was likely dismantled for scrap lumber in 1623.

The replica ship was constructed in England in 1955, and sailed to the United States in 1957. The purpose of its construction and voyage was to symbolize Anglo-American friendship/the countries’ collaboration during World War II.

Here are some more pictures I took of the ship:

The Pilgrims ate such foods as beef, fish, oatmeal and biscuits on the Mayflower. They also drank beer and wine.

A whole family would share a space like this.

A window for fresh air

I learned that the Pilgrims left England a lot later in the year than they had intended, and due to harsh weather arrived a lot farther north than they had intended (they arrived at Provincetown Harbor instead of the Hudson River). They moved down the coast, exploring the Cape Cod area. Ultimately, after an altercation with Native Americans, they relocated to Plymouth.

On the Mayflower there were about 100 passengers plus crew. About half of the passenger died, from such diseases as scurvy.

Here’s a picture I took of State Pier last Tuesday. It wasn’t the nicest day:

My mom wondered how people get to their boats. Do they walk/swim, she wondered. I didn’t know how to answer this question.