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I love online shopping!

September 9, 2010
My new power cord

My new power cord

Last week I was bummed to discover my laptop needed a new power cord. I only got the cord eight months ago, and it cost about $100.

Instead of returning to MicroCenter to get a new power cord, I decided to look for one online. I googled “power cord” and the name of my laptop (Dell Inspiron 1318).

One of the first results was for a power cord for sale on I clicked on the link, and saw the cord cost just $4! I couldn’t believe it! I read the product description to make sure the item had the right specifications (e.g. correct input and output voltages).

It did! I proceeded to order the power cord for $10 (includes $6 shipping cost). I received it in the mail three days later, and it works like a charm! Talk about bargain shopping! Oh how I love you right now, Amazon!

And I must credit Moon Tech, the seller, as well. Thank you!