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Random thoughts on old buildings, “new” clothes, French pencil cases

March 9, 2010

I enjoy driving through Wellesley, Mass. and looking at its historical buildings. Check out Wellesley’s town hall, for example:

I suppose there are many New England towns whose buildings are equally historic if not more historic. It turns out Wellesley’s town hall was built in 1881.  That’s fairly recent compared with, say, Wright’s Tavern in downtown Concord.

That structure, the site of the committees of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress on the eve of the American Revolution, was built in 1747. I visited the tavern in October:

While Wright’s Tavern isn’t as pretty as Wellesley’s town hall, its age alone is pretty impressive.

Another historical building I enjoy that’s just a little older than Wellesley’s town hall is the Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood.

I had the opportunity to see the church again this past summer:

The church, an example of Victorian Gothic architecture, was completed in 1872.

In other random musings, I’ve been appreciating some recent acquisitions of mine.