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“Sugar” not just about baseball

January 15, 2010

It’s been a little while since I saw the movie “Sugar,” but I thought I would blog about it anyway because it was so good. It’s about a Dominican baseball star nicknamed Sugar who is recruited to play baseball in the United States.

At first I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy the movie. I’m not what you call a sports fan. But, the movie is about so much more than just baseball.

While it provides an interesting perspective on the obsession with baseball in the Dominican Republic, and the opportunity it provides young Dominicans, the movie largely explores the idea of adapting to a new culture.

Sugar is sent to a minor league baseball team in a podunk part of Iowa. Because his salary is so low he must live with a family. Their customs are so different from what he’s used to, and he doesn’t know English.

He must deal with the stress of trying to understand them, and the overall life in Iowa, as well as how to succeed at baseball. He feels pressure to try performance-enhancing drugs, and experiences extreme frustration when he gets hurt. That could impact the rest of his baseball career.

What makes things more difficult is he is away from his family and girlfriend.

The ending of the movie was a little shocking to me. I won’t give it away, in case you go see it.

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