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Customers can be so rude

January 9, 2011

Yesterday morning I had breakfast at The Danish Pastry House in Medford, one of my favorite coffee shops. As I dunked a portion of my chocolate croissant into my coffee, I heard two toddlers scurrying around behind me. The noise and possibility of them running into my chair sort of ruined my relaxation.

After a moment, the children made their way over to the glass food display case. They began tapping on it, and only stopped when one of their mothers came over a minute later. I’m not sure what she said to them exactly. She then went back to her seat, and they started playing in another part of the coffee shop. A minute later we heard a crashing noise. The kids had knocked a potted plant onto the ground, and the ceramic pot had cracked into at least five or six pieces.

The same mother walked over to the children and calmly said “Don’t worry– that’s OK.” She picked up the plant and ceramic pieces and put them on a table, leaving piles of soil on the ground. She walked over to the girl at the register, and matter-of-factly said “I just wanted to let you know that the flower pot over there fell and broke.” That’s all she said. No explanation of how it happened. No mention of the children. No apology. No offer to give the coffee shop some money or buy a replacement pot.

She just walked away with what even looked like a grin, leaving the poor girl to handle the situation. I sure hope the girl isn’t blamed! Anyway, the mother went back to her seat, said nothing to her children about the incident, and continued letting them play like little animals. It was frustrating to see her lack of respect for the business and acceptance of the kids’ poor behavior.

Pastries and Christmas tree

December 12, 2010

This has been a weekend of eating pastries (not to mention cookies) and doing Christmas-y things (like getting a Christmas tree). Yesterday for breakfast I stopped by Modern Pastry in Medford, and had this apple turnover.

The guy at the counter said it’s the pastry shop’s specialty, so I thought “Why not?” It was pretty good, though I generally prefer breakfast pastries with less filling. Otherwise, it feels more like dessert than breakfast. This pastry shop, which also has a Boston location, has been recognized by the TLC television channel.

Sign on window

This morning I had a raspberry-flavored pastry from the Sweet Spot Bakery in Melrose.

The treat was a gift so I’m not exactly sure what it’s called. I liked it a lot better than the apple turnover because it had the perfect amount of fruit filling (not too much) and the ideal blend of flakiness and moistness. I will surely stop by this bakery myself one day!

My boyfriend and I also got a tree for our apartment. Here’s a picture of the tree on my car.

Here’s a picture of the tree set up in our apartment.

We are waiting for the boughs to drop a little more before putting up decorations. I’m not used to having a real tree, and love the amazing scent it produces!

Oh how I love The Danish Pastry House

March 1, 2010

This post is to recognize my favorite breakfast place in the greater Boston area. I have to hand it to The Danish Pastry House, which specializes in pastries, cakes, and breads, among other items.

I go to the bakery’s Medford location a couple of times a month on the weekend. I pick out a croissant, muffin, or scone, get some of their coffee, and read the Boston Globe.

Never am I disappointed. The pastries are delicious and so is the coffee. The staff is always friendly and the café itself is cute and comfortable.

If you want something different try their signature Danish pastry, the marzipan-filled kringle. It’s my favorite, though I generally opt for a healthier option. You should also try their spandauer (cheese Danish), their cinnamon puff pastry snails, and their almond croissants.

They sell a host of other products, like hearty sandwiches on baguette rolls, chocolates and pies. They cater events, and have a location in Watertown that primarily serves as a retail bakery. They have someone at the counter so you can stop by there to get a meal.

When I was still working for the Watertown TAB & Press, I made a YouTube video of the Danish Pastry Shop making pies for Thanksgiving at their Watertown location. Check it out if you’d like: