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This has been a great year

May 22, 2011

My fiance in our new apartment

One of my college roommates recently told me that 2011 has really been my year. I would say that’s correct, but also that the whole last year has been my year. Since turning 29 in June, I’ve moved in to an awesome apartment, gotten engaged, and become involved with copywriting– a field I truly enjoy. I have written copy for WordStream (a search marketing company) and FlipKey (a vacation rental property website), and last week I started a copywriting position with BzzAgent (a social marketing company). So far I love the new gig! I feel so lucky to have experienced such a great year, and am motivated to spread my good fortune in any way that I can.

Being engaged is kinda fun

January 23, 2011

You get lots of stuff:

White wine

Chocolates (as you can see, these didn't last very long)


A wedding box

Stuff for the wedding box

Wedding books

Wedding post-it notes, a wedding datebook, and a wedding journal

Pearl earrings and a pearl necklace

A heart-framed picture

A book with art from Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz

My mom bought me the book because of my fiance’s connection to the artists.

Being engaged is also fun because you get to do photo shoots. Here are some pictures from ours:

It’s also cool because lots of people ask if they can help. Like my aunt offered to make Greek pastries for the reception, a friend is doing my wedding website, and my sister is keeping an eye out for bridesmaid and wedding dresses.

AND, my aunts,  cousin, and mom took my fiance and I out for an engagement lunch. We went to The Retreat in Liverpool, NY and had delicious meals (I had the quiche and salad special and he had the stuffed chicken breast and broccoli).

Lots of wedding-related things were accomplished this past week. For instance, we booked the ceremony and reception sites, wrote up an engagement announcement, and picked out photos we want to include on the wedding website. Also, we edited our guest list. The next steps are doing the save the dates and sending those out, writing up the story of how we met (also for the wedding website), and narrowing down bridesmaid dresses.


January 9, 2011

The ring

On Thursday I got engaged. That’s right guys– I’m now officially off the market. Break out the tissues if you’d like. The proposal was low-key but sweet. As we were walking to our favorite pub, he spun me around and handed me the ring. Turns out earlier that day he had driven down to Connecticut to pick it up from his grandma. It belonged to her, but she wanted us to have it. She wanted to ensure it stayed in the family.

The amazing thing is that the ring first belonged to my boyfriend’s grandpa’s grandma. That means it’s from 1880 or so. Can you believe it? And it’s in such good condition! A neat back-story is that my boyfriend’s grandpa’s grandma was married to the brother of the famous photographer Alfred Stieglitz. And Alfred Stieglitz was married to the famous painter Georgia O’Keeffe.

So my boyfriend’s grandpa’s grandma may have worn my ring in the presence of Georgia O’Keeffe. Who knows– maybe the two women met frequently or maybe O’Keeffe even touched the ring once! Maybe I will never know the answer to these questions but it’s still fun surmising.