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Take that thief– I’m getting new things!

April 12, 2011

Almost a month ago my car was burglarized by an unknown meanie. As I mentioned in this blog post, I lost a lot of valuable items. Well, I have a small sense of relief knowing I can replace some of these possessions. My insurance company has given me some money for new purchases. Here’s what I’ve bought so far:

Flower flip flops from the Dress Barn

Somewhat-funky socks from the Dress Barn

Silver and gold earrings from the Dress Barn

Capri pants from Kohl's

A dress from Kohl's

New Balance sneakers from Filene's Basement

My friend Jeannie helped me pick out the first five items, and my fiance helped me pick out the sneakers. I look forward to getting a new GPS, some shorts, and some short-sleeved shirts (all items that were stolen) in the near future.

Wedding dress shopping

February 20, 2011

My mom and I showed up to my dress fitting 20 minutes late. I hadn’t anticipated it would take so long to get there (Note to self: Boston-area strip malls are a hot destination on Saturday afternoons). We walked into David’s Bridal only to find ourselves surrounded by dozens of frenzied engaged women, family members and friends.

Half of them had dresses on while the other half scoured the racks, admired the soon-to-be brides, and asked questions of the employees. A check-in table was set up at the door, yet no one was there to greet us. After a few minutes I was very worried our appointment had been canceled as a result of our tardiness.

But fortunately, a minute later, Roseanne came over. I apologized profusely for being late, and she insisted it wasn’t a problem. We moved over to the dressing area; she asked me to look through a book of dresses and pick out the ones I liked. I was a little dismayed she declined to look at my list of product ID numbers. I had compiled it after picking out my favorite dresses on the David’s Bridal website.

Roseanne ended up bringing three strapless dresses over. She helped me put each one on, and led me out to the mirrored area where my sister and mom were waiting. The first dress wasn’t bad, and I especially liked how the back looked, with its laced-up closing. But when I tried on the second dress I realized how much I preferred a dress with a sweetheart bodice (an example of a sweetheart bodice).

I liked how both dresses had a lot of shape on the bottom, but I didn’t like how the second one made my midsection look a lot bigger than it is. After realizing the third dress wasn’t my size, Roseanne had me pick out a few more dresses from the racks. She ended up choosing one for me. It was a new arrival with a more “earthy” or “organic” feel than the other dresses. I tried it on. The top was the perfect shape, and the bottom had ample body. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the ruffles on the bottom, but once the dress was on I fell in love with them.

In addition to having the perfect shape, it had some nice touches (including a slightly off-white color, cottony material as opposed to a satiny material, a flower set toward one side of the waist, and two ribbons that tie in back). The dress perfectly matched the flower in my hair (which I ended up getting). The only issue was the dress was a little wrinkled (the fabric slightly lends itself to wrinkles).

Roseanne and her coworkers assured us that the dress wouldn’t be wrinkled on the big day. They said it would be steamed before wear, and that one day of wear would not result in wrinkles. I believed them. My mom, however, was a bit skeptical, and she didn’t think the dress was formal enough (and wished it was pure white). My sister, Roseanne, and I loved it, however, and I got lots of compliments from others in the store.

Roseanne and I went back to the rack– this time with my sister and mom, and we picked out a few more dresses. None of them pleased me as much as the “organic” dress. I tried to convince myself I liked a dressier sequined satin dress more, but then I realized I was doing that just to satisfy my mom. I tried on my top two dresses again. When I put on the one my mom didn’t like as much, and walked into the mirrored area, my sister started crying. I asked her why, and she said it was because I looked so good in the dress.

She said it was perfect for me. I ended up getting that one (actually– my sister bought it along with a bra, petticoat and veil for my wedding present), and I think my mom is warming up to it. So that was clearly a successful dress shopping outing. Next I need to get shoes, and decide on bridesmaid dresses (I’m thinking a green color).

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A few words to Priscilla of Boston

August 9, 2010

The high-class bridal gown company might not care what I have to say about its customer service, but I’ll share anyway. Maybe, just maybe, one of their managers will find this post online.

Anyway, I’ve had to deal with the company as I am a bridesmaid in my friend’s upcoming wedding. She chose a very pretty “watermelon”-colored Priscilla of Boston dress for us.

Here are a few highlights of my dealings with staff at their Boylston Street location since I first tried on the dress six months ago:

  • The company didn’t return my calls.

I would follow up to make sure they received my signed dress contract, or to see if I could come on a particular day to get measured, etc. I guess they are pretty busy, so I’d get an answering machine. That was fine except they wouldn’t call me back! I had to just assume they got my contract, or pray I could get measured the day I showed up, which obviously isn’t ideal.

  • The company lost my signed contract.

I had to sign a form stating I’d make a second payment on my dress at a later date, and fax it to Priscilla of Boston. I did this immediately, and received a fax confirmation that the form had been properly sent. I emailed and called Priscilla of Boston just to make sure they got it. I heard nothing. I guess I should have kept at them, because I got a call from the bride-t0-be over a month later about how they just let her know they never received my signed contract. They still hadn’t ordered the dress as a result. I was so mad they hadn’t notified us about this earlier, or called me directly.

  • The seamstress didn’t speak English.

Once my dress arrived, I went to try it on. It was a little big in certain parts, so I asked Priscilla of Boston to alter it appropriately (they frequently do alterations). They ended up assigning me a seamstress that pretty much did not speak a word of English. Thus, I couldn’t explain to her my issues with the dress. She kept saying “No English, no English.” I’m not denying she’s a good seamstress, and luckily she ended up making the dress perfect. But gosh, couldn’t they have found someone who could at least understand “Too big here,” or “Too small here?”

  • Staff weren’t always friendly.

When I went to pick up my dress last week I had a good experience. The particular sales girl I dealt with was very friendly and helpful. But other staff I’ve encountered over the last few months made me feel like I was not important to them (maybe because my dress cost $200 and not $500). And some of the other bridesmaids echoed this sentiment. I understand they might get lots and lots of unsolicited business, but that doesn’t mean they have to treat their customers disrespectfully.

So that’s my spiel about Priscilla of Boston! I don’t think I would go to them again.