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Tropical Storm Irene hits Somerville

August 29, 2011

Yesterday Irene struck Somerville, Massachusetts and the rest of New England. Although it was just a tropical storm (not a hurricane as everyone predicted), it still caused a fair amount of damage. Here are some pictures I took in Somerville during the late afternoon.

A damaged car on Murdock Street

A snapped tree on Broadway (near Trum Field)

A fallen tree on Hall Avenue

We didn’t lose power at our Cedar Street apartment, but folks in Magoun Square did. Inside Olde Magoun’s Saloon staff were sitting in the dark, and across Medford Street (around Status Boutique, Marcelino’s Exotic Birds and Churrasco) a generator was running.

Long-vacant building and shed in Somerville being demolished

December 19, 2010

I don’t know the exact address of the property. All I can say is it’s adjacent to the Cedar Street bridge (not far from Broadway). Before there was a large parking lot, a main building, and a shed. There’s still a parking lot, but the shed’s been knocked down and half of the main building has been demolished.

I believe the main building once housed a Curves and a Coldwell Banker. Here’s are some pictures of the scene (I took them yesterday):

I’m not sure who owns the property, or if it’s recently been sold.