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My fiance is the best

September 5, 2011

He cooks for me often. Check out these recent meals:

Shrimp and spaghetti with a white wine, garlic and butter sauce and garden-fresh corn on the cob

Chicken with herbs and a lemon sauce, Spanish rice and garden-fresh squash with cinnamon

Chicken, rice, beans and spinach with salt and pepper

Great Mexican restaurant in Cambridge

November 26, 2009

I checked out the Forest Cafe on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge the other night. Even though the restaurant was super crowded (and it was a Tuesday night), our waiter was attentive to our needs. He was the only waiter on the floor, but each time we got low on chips or salsa, he was right there with new batches.

The shape of the restaurant is kind of different. It’s a pretty long and narrow room, with booths on one side and chairs and tables on the other. There’s also a bar section. The restaurant’s lighting is pretty dim, which I didn’t mind, and the walls’ wood paneling, brick, and brightly colored┬áMexican decor makes for a nice scene. (more…)