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I didn’t want a bridal shower

June 25, 2011

But my aunts threw me one anyway. It ended up being awesome because it didn’t really feel like a bridal shower (with the exception of all the presents). The backdrop was a barbecue, guys were invited, and no girly games were played. Here are a few pics from the event:

My friends Henrik and Emily were able to attend (along with their adorable baby, Elise)

My friends Steve and Lindy (along with their Dad) also showed up

Me in front of all the desserts people made

My aunts, mom and I

My dad and members of his side of the family

More family members

My sister, her dog, and I

I got a TON of presents. I am so appreciative…from the nice flower-patterned Oneida silverware to the wine racks to the three adorable aprons (I swear there’s a lot more where that came from!), I feel so lucky.

Meat, meat and more meat

October 11, 2009

midwest grillA bunch of us went to the Midwest Grill in Cambridge on Friday night, and boy was it delicious!

As I said in the title of this post, we had meat, meat and more meat!

The restaurant serves “Brazilian BBQ,” or in other words barbecued beef, chicken, lamb, kielbasa, and pork, and tasty sides.

You get the sides at a buffet. My favorites were plantains, french fries, tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, and seasoned chicken legs whose meat falls right off the bone. (more…)