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What flattering waiters at China Moon in Stoneham

September 16, 2010

I had a bite to eat there the other night, and couldn’t help but notice our waiter’s continual stream of compliments.

For example, while looking at our IDs he told us (my boyfriend and I) we look much, much younger  than we actually are. In fact, he said it was hard to believe we were both 29.

Later on he goes to my boyfriend “Your girlfriend…she’s very pretty…That must be tough…with the competition and everything.” (He said the last part in a joking manner).

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a waiter so visibly suck up to me/whoever I’m with. Then again, maybe he was just genuinely being nice.

Either way, we gave him a good tip. That was especially the case due to the low cost of our meal.

It was like $14 (without tip) for a large chicken and veggie dish (we shared this), rice, a glass of wine (wine was just $3.75!), a beer, bread and butter, and pineapple slices and fortune cookies for dessert (we were given the dessert for free).

The food was tasty so it clearly was a great value! And an ego boost, haha!

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Cool ambiance at Asiana Fusion in Watertown

October 7, 2009

I checked out Asiana Fusion on Main Street in Watertown the other night.¬† According to the restaurant’s Web site, it combines “the best elements of Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai” favorites.

While my Kung Pao chicken was good, and so was the Pu pu platter my friends and I ordered for an appetizer, my favorite thing about the restaurant was its soothing ambiance. The lighting is low with the exception of candles and a few lamps. (more…)