About Christine Laubenstein and this blog


This is me in Montreal in August 2010

My name is Christine Laubenstein, and I love food, movies and traveling. This blog is an opportunity for me to share my insights into these areas of life, and write about other topics that pique my interest.

I came up with the title for this blog following an incident that took place at one of my former workplaces. Basically, my coworker told me he thought I was pretentious for frequently discussing food, France, French, etc. His statement upset me because I didn’t feel the word pretentious described me at all. I am always willing to try new things, love simple foods like hot dogs and cherries, and don’t feel like I’m better than anyone else.

It just happens that I also really enjoy food, film, and French. Just like others really like baseball or knitting or public speaking. So the name of this blog is sort of a poke at my former colleague’s statement.

2 Comments on “About Christine Laubenstein and this blog”

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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