This Norton antivirus ad really cracked me up

I was immediately drawn to the sad guy eating a ketchup sandwich. Yuck, I thought. Why is he eating a ketchup sandwich? So I read the copy on the left.

Isn’t that hilarious, creative and effective? The message that a virus could ruin you financially is really communicated. If there hadn’t been a funny pic, I wouldn’t have read the copy in the first place. So go Norton for creating this great ad! By the way, it was in Wired magazine.

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2 Comments on “This Norton antivirus ad really cracked me up”

  1. ina Says:

    you never had ketchup sandwiches growing up? It was our guilty pleasure 🙂

  2. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Nope, never! I’m actually not a big fan of ketchup on things like hotdogs and hamburgers, so I guess it makes sense the idea of a ketchup sandwich sort of grosses me out. Sorry if I offended your tastes!

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