Mont Saint-Michel breakfast tray

My fiance just got me a breakfast tray for my b’day (I’ve wanted a breakfast tray for a long time). He ordered it from WardMaps on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, and had them print a photo of Mont Saint-Michel on one side. Boy do I love it.

P.S. I visited Mont Saint-Michel (it’s in northern France) about nine years ago. I went there by myself and would really like to show it to my fiance/anyone else who’d like to come along.

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3 Comments on “Mont Saint-Michel breakfast tray”

  1. I love this tray! I want one, to have a morning croissant on with some fresh butter and jam…hmmmmm

  2. ashleypaige4 Says:

    This tray is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing- I want one now! I went to Mont Saint-Michel a few years ago too, and fell in love with it!

  3. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Glad you both like it :-)!!! Oh yes, organic artist…a croissant with butter and jam would be so perfect on this tray:-)! That’s awesome you got to visit Mont Saint-Michel, ashleypaige4. I can’t wait to go back…it’s really an unbelievable place…I can’t forget sitting on a ledge, reading a book and taking in the miles of ocean around me…how it soothes the soul…

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