Somerville’s Royal White Cleaners improves signage

Royal White Cleaners just put up this sign.

This past weekend Royal White Cleaners, the troubled dry cleaning business on Somerville’s Cedar Street, replaced an outdated “laundromat” sign with one for its tailoring service. You can access this part of the business through the building’s main door.

Royal White Cleaners' main door

The company’s self-service laundromat has been closed since at least August (when I moved to Cedar Street). This signage improvement might be one indication the company’s seriously trying to improve its finances. According to the Somerville Journal, Royal White Cleaners owes the city over $240,000 in unpaid taxes; as a result, the city recently seized the property.

Royal White Cleaners can only reclaim the property if it repays its debts within a year, the article states.

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4 Comments on “Somerville’s Royal White Cleaners improves signage”

  1. Jim Dunne Says:

    According to the sign on the window (which still hasn’t been removed) the coin-op laundromat shut down in November 2009.

    Looking inside, the washers and dryers are still there. You’d think they could make some of their money back selling that unused equipment.

  2. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Thanks for the information.

  3. marlene Says:

    Uhm they do make money off the laundry, by using some of the machines to service costumers thru the wash dry & fold & fyi the amar tailoring isn’t accesable , you drop of things thru the cleaners -___-

  4. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Thanks for your comment. What I meant was that you can’t do your own laundry there anymore (it’s no longer a self-service laundromat). Also, I am aware that you must enter the main door to get your clothes tailored (I mentioned this in the post).

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