Yeah, Save the Dates are ordered!

Today I ordered Save the Date postcards from Vistaprint, a Lexington, Mass.-based company. About 100 postcards and envelopes cost $75 ($15 of which covers seven-day shipping). I’m not sure if that’s a good price, but I am happy to have placed the order. Here’s what the front of the postcards will look like:

I don’t have Photoshop, so I added the text with Paint.

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4 Comments on “Yeah, Save the Dates are ordered!”

  1. ina Says:

    I Love it! I do all my photoshopping on paint, too. It’s just so easy to use! Good job 🙂

  2. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Thanks!! The only issue was I couldn’t do anything to the text box after I clicked on something else. So I had to get the text right on the first try (or start over entirely). Maybe I have a simpler version of Paint (I have version 6.1 for Windows 7 Professional) than you do? Or I just don’t know how to use it as well. I probably could do a Google search to determine how to handle the problem.

    • ina Says:

      poor Christine!!! Your version of Paint is just fine, there are just a few tricks you can use. I’ve been using Paint ever since I was in elementary school (that was my play time: I remember I drew my dream apartment, and I would decorate and tweak it a little every day), so I don’t find that text stuff to be an issue anymore. It is true that once you set the text, you can’t edit it anymore. However, there are little tricks I’m used to using that help me get around it. For example, there is a feature in Paint that allows you to set what the “background” color is. That means that you could have written the text and played with it on a black background, set the background feature to “black”, and then be able to select the text and move it over to the picture to see how it would look. Because you set the Paint background to “black”, it will not drag the black with it… only the text in white. That gives you more of an opportunity to play with different fonts and sizes before you actually place it on the picture itself. It’s really hard to explain with words, but I’d be happy to show you some time. You did a good job, though. It looks great and effortless 🙂

  3. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I will try this out when I get a chance:-). And thanks again for the compliment!

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