DeWitt’s ShoppingTown Mall not doing too swell

I was at my parents’ place in the Syracuse, NY area earlier this week to take care of some wedding planning. I needed to get something from Sears, so I stopped by the ShoppingTown Mall in DeWitt. I hadn’t been to the wing near Sears in a couple of years. It’s soooooo crazy what I saw. With the exception of Sears, all the retailers (including Famous Footwear, Old Navy, and Baby Alpaca) were gone. In their place were sports lesson places, a gymnastics place, a teen center, an improv center, and many other service-based businesses. I’m guessing this is a reflection the mall’s not doing so hot. And actually, this article in today’s Post-Standard (Syracuse’s newspaper) blatantly states the mall has struggled in recent years. Here are some pictures showing the types of businesses that have sprung up:

A driving school

A railway historical society

A fencing place

A martial arts place

You can do extreme sports here.

A golfing place

A gym

A teen center

A softball place

A kung fu place

An improv place

A tutoring center

A "family restroom"???

A gymnastics place

A dancing place

A party place

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4 Comments on “DeWitt’s ShoppingTown Mall not doing too swell”

  1. Mohamad Jalloul Says:

    I would consider that you take some courses in boxing and self-defense before your marriage. Do not understand me wrong! You will need to defend him. 🙂

    Have a great wedding preparations


  2. Jim Dunne Says:

    What’s worse, the railway society wasn’t even open, so I couldn’t even go in and look at trains.

    Good job, Dewitt, on the $800K tax break. Since the mall has shown that they are so capable of using their money wisely and becoming a good return on investment, I’m sure that money isn’t going to be squandered.

    Instead of a tax break, if the city wanted to invest, a grant for a more specific purpose seems like it would have been more sensible.

    • Christine Laubenstein Says:

      Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see if the mall shows any signs of improvement (e.g. more tenants, a greater variety of tenants, renovations). I’m kind of skeptical for the same reason you are.

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