Cabot’s in Newton: Yummy food, sort-of-pushy waitress

Two friends and I at Cabot's

I went to Cabot’s in Newton for brunch on Sunday. I had never been there before, and heard great things about their homemade ice cream. Well I didn’t get ice cream because it was the morning. Instead I ordered eggs, wheat toast, and grapefruit. Everything was good (though it seems hard to mess up these things), especially the fruit (very fresh). I enjoyed the coffee as well. I only have two complaints about the joint:

  • Our waitress was a little pushy about us ordering. (We were waiting for a friend, and she even said “If it starts getting crowded you might have to leave.”)
  • The bathrooms aren’t too clean, and you have to go up a sketchy staircase to get to them.
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2 Comments on “Cabot’s in Newton: Yummy food, sort-of-pushy waitress”

  1. Karl Says:

    I’ve never gone to Cabots but will now with my friend George. I do hope there is a restroom that is wheelchair accessible… and as for the cleanliness of said bathrooms, if they are as you said they were, I will bring it to the managers attention, tout de suite!

  2. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Hope you enjoy your experience, Karl!

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