The ring

On Thursday I got engaged. That’s right guys– I’m now officially off the market. Break out the tissues if you’d like. The proposal was low-key but sweet. As we were walking to our favorite pub, he spun me around and handed me the ring. Turns out earlier that day he had driven down to Connecticut to pick it up from his grandma. It belonged to her, but she wanted us to have it. She wanted to ensure it stayed in the family.

The amazing thing is that the ring first belonged to my boyfriend’s grandpa’s grandma. That means it’s from 1880 or so. Can you believe it? And it’s in such good condition! A neat back-story is that my boyfriend’s grandpa’s grandma was married to the brother of the famous photographer Alfred Stieglitz. And Alfred Stieglitz was married to the famous painter Georgia O’Keeffe.

So my boyfriend’s grandpa’s grandma may have worn my ring in the presence of Georgia O’Keeffe. Who knows– maybe the two women met frequently or maybe O’Keeffe even touched the ring once! Maybe I will never know the answer to these questions but it’s still fun surmising.

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3 Comments on “Engaged”

  1. scriptorobscura Says:

    Congratulations and best wishes! 🙂

  2. Christine Laubenstein Says:


  3. […] My mom bought me the book because of my fiance’s connection to the artists. […]

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