Resolution: Use Facebook less


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to use Facebook less. I’m sort of addicted to it, so this will be tough. I’ve decided I’d just like to use it for keeping in touch with people whose emails addresses I don’t have, occasionally posting photos, and seeing messages or posts friends have tagged me in (I receive an email each time this happens so I don’t have to sign in to Facebook to check on this).

I’ve basically determined that Facebook is a huge time waster (at least in my case). To facilitate my resolution I’ve signed myself out of Facebook. By making it harder to access Facebook, I’m hoping this keeps me from using it. We’ll see! I will update you on my efforts! For some reason writing down that I will do this gives me more of an incentive to follow through with it.

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2 Comments on “Resolution: Use Facebook less”

  1. Mohamad Jalloul Says:

    Good decision. I don’t remember when did I close mine, but I feel I am wiser than before.

  2. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Do you have a blog?

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