Writing about yourself

I started this blog about a year ago, around when I was leaving my job as a newspaper reporter. I think I realized I still wanted to write and exercise my web publishing skills. Well this blog hasn’t exactly been a huge success (I don’t update it every day, I’m not focused on one particular topic, and I only get about 30 page views per day), but I’m still going to keep it up. One thing it’s done is encourage me to talk about myself.

When you’re a traditional news reporter, you’re not supposed to inject any opinion or personal anecdotes into your work. Your job is to communicate what’s happening and that’s it. Well, I did this for five years (first as an intern reporter, then in journalism grad school, and then as a staff reporter).

This was a great experience; however, I feel like I lost some of my spunk. Someone would ask me how I was feeling, or what was new in my life, and I would give some generic answer. I’d say, for example, “Oh, work is good. I like my new apartment, and I’m excited for my upcoming trip to Philadelphia.” I wouldn’t really go beyond that; I think it was largely because of my job.

Not only was I unable to inject my thoughts into my work, but I also felt like my life wasn’t worth talking about. I mean, when you’re writing about newsworthy topics like murders and municipal lawsuits and local geniuses, your life seems pretty boring. You’re not much different than your common man, so why mention or analyze your mundane experiences?

Well, I haven’t become an advocate of talking about myself all the time. Obviously that isn’t what people want to hear. But since I stopped working as a reporter I’ve become more attune to my thoughts and expressing them when the appropriate opportunity presents itself. This blog has helped with that, and I think all this is a good thing.

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5 Comments on “Writing about yourself”

  1. ina Says:

    I like hearing what you have to say, and I love reading your thoughts. Thanks for the insight, I had no idea you felt this way, but it definitely makes sense. Keep it up!

  2. That’s why I like blogging. It’s all so personal and full of “spunk”.

  3. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Nada Townie Says:

    All journalism is not as is practiced at Gatehouse Media. Given the precarious state of GHM’s finances it is not surprising that creativity was stifled and that every effort was made to pander to advertisers and to the local political establishment.

    View your stay at the Tab as your time in purgatory. If you get depresses just recall the environment that you fled and be thankful you had the courage to flee before you morphed into a latter day Winston Smith.

    Hang in there, you have the tools, master your craft.


  5. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Hi Nada,

    Thanks for your encouragement, too. I was also referring to a newspaper job in upstate New York. Anyway, I love to learn new things and write about it so we’ll see what that brings! Right now I’m able to use my creativity more with a copywriting job, and I’m enjoying that a lot.


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