Crazy things I’ve done

  • I had my mom drive me several hours through cold and ice to a summer camp reunion, only to get there and decide I didn’t want to go. She drove me right back home.
  • I didn’t get on a plane to France after realizing I didn’t want to go (yup, I lost out on hundreds of dollars).

A week after I didn't get on the plane

  • I quit my job as a journalist without another job lined up.
  • When I was 19 I hitched a ride in Washington D.C. with a random Israeli and Palestinian.
  • I dated people from three different continents in one weekend.

I met the guy from South America (Colombia to be specific) in Collioure, France the day this photo was taken.

  • While in France I played bridge with elderly French ladies on Friday nights.
  • I carelessly ran into the street as a car was coming, fell onto the ground, and just missed getting hit by the car.
  • When I was in France I went to see a movie once  a week with my 60-year-old friend Gerard.

Gerard and I before the start of "The Kid Stays in the Picture"

  • I gave a tear-filled speech about how I had become a born-again-Christian on the last day of evangelical Christian summer camp (when signing up I had thought it was just a photography camp). I hadn’t really been born again, but I felt that’s what they wanted me to say.
  • At middle school lunch my friends would pay me to eat weird things. I remember the mayonnaise-filled cookies made me throw up right at the table (gross, I know).

My friend Jeannie (on left) was one of the ones at that lunch table.

  • I covered a car crash after having had a little too much wine (in my defense I hadn’t known I’d have to cover this…it was breaking news).
  • When I was living in Cortland on Friday nights I’d play Texas hold ’em Poker with the motley crew of people in my apartment complex. They included the unemployed guy with epilepsy, the seven-year-old girl with behavioral issues, and the heavy woman with fibromialgia.
  • I went to a club with a couple of friends (including my friend Tia) all ready to see Daft Punk. Turns out it was just a DJ spinning Daft Punk music.

Me and Tia in Annapolis, Maryland

  • In college my roommates and I pretended we were Sailor Moon characters.

My roommates and I

  • In college my friends and I scared away one of our roommates by pretending we regularly communicated with the late Pedro Arrupe (the Jesuit our dorm was named after).
  • My roommates and I did not drink freshman year of college. Instead we went to the symphony.
  • I sold so much Cutco I made it to their big end-of-the summer conference. To fit in I told them I was interested in becoming a branch manager.

I sold Cutco right after high school graduation.

  • I got myself fired from a waitressing job after serving coffee cold and bleaching a load of blue towels white (they were used as napkins in the pub area).

These are just a few of the crazy things I’ve done. Some are tamer than others. And believe me there’s more where that came from!

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