Never thought I’d like war history so much

But a recent trip to Fort Ticonderoga (in northern New York state) proved me wrong. It was interesting learning about the strategic importance of the fort back in the day (it’s next to Lake Champlain, which connects Canada and the United States), and the various battles that took place there. I think a big reason I was so engaged was the beauty of Lake Champlain.

It’s a much prettier backdrop than the one at the last fort I visited, Fort Stanwix in Rome, N.Y.

I started off the visit learning about a battle at the fort during the French and Indian war in which 4,000 French defenders staved off an attack by 16,000 British soldiers. This is a memorial for the Marquis de Montcalm, the French army commander during that battle.

Here’s one of the trenches where the French and British fought (later the Americans and British used the same trenches).

Here is Garrison Cemetery, where several hundred American soldiers are buried (without individual grave markers).

Here’s a view of the fort from the outside:

Our tour guide (he was great!):

Some views of in and around the fort (much of the fort has been redone, as for many years people pillaged the original stone to build homes and other structures):

A year after the battle I mentioned above the British returned and captured the fort from the French. Later it was captured by the Americans during their first official victory of the Revolutionary War. The British later recaptured it, but then abandoned it.

Interesting stuff!

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