A few words to Priscilla of Boston

The high-class bridal gown company might not care what I have to say about its customer service, but I’ll share anyway. Maybe, just maybe, one of their managers will find this post online.

Anyway, I’ve had to deal with the company as I am a bridesmaid in my friend’s upcoming wedding. She chose a very pretty “watermelon”-colored Priscilla of Boston dress for us.

Here are a few highlights of my dealings with staff at their Boylston Street location since I first tried on the dress six months ago:

  • The company didn’t return my calls.

I would follow up to make sure they received my signed dress contract, or to see if I could come on a particular day to get measured, etc. I guess they are pretty busy, so I’d get an answering machine. That was fine except they wouldn’t call me back! I had to just assume they got my contract, or pray I could get measured the day I showed up, which obviously isn’t ideal.

  • The company lost my signed contract.

I had to sign a form stating I’d make a second payment on my dress at a later date, and fax it to Priscilla of Boston. I did this immediately, and received a fax confirmation that the form had been properly sent. I emailed and called Priscilla of Boston just to make sure they got it. I heard nothing. I guess I should have kept at them, because I got a call from the bride-t0-be over a month later about how they just let her know they never received my signed contract. They still hadn’t ordered the dress as a result. I was so mad they hadn’t notified us about this earlier, or called me directly.

  • The seamstress didn’t speak English.

Once my dress arrived, I went to try it on. It was a little big in certain parts, so I asked Priscilla of Boston to alter it appropriately (they frequently do alterations). They ended up assigning me a seamstress that pretty much did not speak a word of English. Thus, I couldn’t explain to her my issues with the dress. She kept saying “No English, no English.” I’m not denying she’s a good seamstress, and luckily she ended up making the dress perfect. But gosh, couldn’t they have found someone who could at least understand “Too big here,” or “Too small here?”

  • Staff weren’t always friendly.

When I went to pick up my dress last week I had a good experience. The particular sales girl I dealt with was very friendly and helpful. But other staff I’ve encountered over the last few months made me feel like I was not important to them (maybe because my dress cost $200 and not $500). And some of the other bridesmaids echoed this sentiment. I understand they might get lots and lots of unsolicited business, but that doesn’t mean they have to treat their customers disrespectfully.

So that’s my spiel about Priscilla of Boston! I don’t think I would go to them again.

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11 Comments on “A few words to Priscilla of Boston”

  1. Angela Says:

    When I got married in 2004, Priscilla’s of Boston was the first place my Mom and I looked for wedding gowns. We had an appointment and they’d called to confirm it the day before. When I arrived at my scheduled appt. time, they suddenly changed their tune and tried to tell me my appt. was at an earlier time than when I’d arrived. I was told I wouldn’t be seen that day after all because I was “late” (even though according to my calendar and the call from the previous day we were right on time). I left in tears – my first big wedding dress shopping outing was humiliating and degrading. They treated us like dirt and I will never, ever recommend anyone go there. THEY SUCKED.

    • Christine Laubenstein Says:

      Hi Angela, I’m so sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with them, though not surprised given my experience. It’s good we are spreading the word so people don’t support their poor customer service!

  2. Gia Hoffman Says:

    Dear Christine,
    My name is Gia Hoffman and I am the head of the customer service department for Priscilla of Boston. I came across this posting and am so sorry that your experience with us was less than amazing. I would love to discuss further. Please email me at ghoffman@priscillaofboston.com

    Gia Hoffman
    Priscilla of Boston

    • Jim Dunne Says:

      If you are the head of your customer service department, perhaps the first step I would recommend is to spend more time coaching your employees, and less time performing vanity Google searches for your company’s name to make sure nobody is saying anything negative about you.

      I apologize for sounding so harsh. However, to come on here after consistently awful service in an attempt to save face publicly when Christine finally took her complaints online shows a lot of misplaced energy. My perception is that you only care about customer service when that customer has a public medium to vent his or her frustrations.


  3. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Hello Gia,

    Thanks so much for your response! I really appreciate it. I will email you before the end of the week:-).


  4. […] keep complaining about companies, but this complaint is truly merited. Up until a couple of weeks ago I belonged to […]

  5. white bridal gowns are still the prettiest although it is already a classic color ”

  6. there are many bridal gown options these days but i thought those black wedding gowns are cool too “.~

  7. David Toogood Says:

    Priscilla of Boston has a fantastic product line, but my fiancée’s shopping experience was mixed. It began with very good service from her sales associate in the Orlando store. The associate was very helpful, but unfortunately the store just didn’t have the dress she was looking for. By the end of the day, the associate found something close enough and planned a series of alterations to make it perfect. The associate really put in all she had to make my fiancée happy, but unfortunately the help was perceived as a bit pushy at the end of the day. None the less, my fiancée purchased the dress right at closing. After she left, she just knew it was a mistake and didn’t feel right about her decision. Furthermore, there were additional circumstances that just didn’t make the purchase work for us. Before the store opened the next day, I asked the store to consider the circumstances to make it right. The manager indicated that it was against corporate policy and that she could not do anything about it. She directed me to her district manager who considered everything that had been involved. The next day, I received a very nice e-mail granting an exception to policy and resolution to the issue.

    Overall, I was satisfied with the experience. It occurs to me that the bridal apparel industry must operate with strict policies to protect being taken advantage of by clients. And balancing that with good customer service can be difficult. After my experience, I have to say they can definitely improve their customer service, but in the end they ensured we were completely satisfied.

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