Back up your data

People always tell you to back up your computer data, but until you lose it you might not listen to them.

At least, that was my case.

I had extensive research and a PowerPoint presentation on my laptop, a speech for a friend’s wedding, and lots and lots of pictures. And of course more stuff, too.

But I accidentally dropped my computer and lost everything. My hard drive was ruined. There was no way to get the files without paying $500-plus (at least so I was told).

I had to do my research and presentation all over again. I still have to rewrite the speech. I will have to recover my photos from Facebook (thank God I post most of my pictures).

And of course I will have to get a new computer, or at least replace my old computer with a new hard drive. I’m not really sure what this latter option entails, and should take some time to research it. I actually have a computer-savvy friend who was willing to give me advice, so I think I will ask him about this.

Anyway, this week I’m thankful to my bf who is letting me use his laptop. But I’m frustrated with myself that a) I dropped my computer, and b) I hadn’t backed up my hard drive. Let this be a lesson to you computer owners out there!

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