Jobs, jobs, jobs


A receptionist

I’ve recently been thinking about all of the different jobs (paid) I’ve had in my life. There’s been quite a few. Here’s the list I could muster:

1. Babysitter (starting from age 12)

2. Library clerk (checked in and out books, shelved books, etc.)

3. Cutco (knives) saleswoman

4. Camp counselor

5. Medical insurance company filer

6. Mexican restaurant server

7. Bed and breakfast waitress

8. Bed and breakfast bedroom cleaner

9. French tutor

10. Reading tutor (for inner city children in Baltimore)

11. English teaching assistant (in France)

12. English tutor (for French people in my neighborhood in France)

13. Desk assistant (let people into a dorm, answered questions visitors had)

14. Homework helper

15. Community supporter (took care of people with disabilities for several years)

16. Staff news reporter (for three different newspapers)

17. Turkish restaurant waitress

18. Freelance news reporter (for five-plus different newspapers)

19. Freelance marketing copywriter

20. Law firm receptionist

21. Dog sitter

22. Website tweeker

23. House sitter

24. French translator

25. Election poll worker

I know there are more. I just can’t think of them at the moment.

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