What is Heidi thinking?

I know this post won’t be anything original, but I just wanted to express my disgust with Heidi Montag’s recent plastic surgery. I saw it on The Hills this week, and couldn’t believe she thinks she looks better. She looks plastic, alien-like, and fake. This is what she now looks like:


This is what she looked like before:


And this is what she looked like several years ago:


Is it just me or is she sort of making a Michael Jackson-style transformation? I wonder if she’s doing this all as a publicity stunt, because why else would you transform yourself in such a manner.

It was painful to see her mom react to the changes. Here’s what she said on this week’s show after Heidi asked her if she looks good:

“(Before) I thought you were younger, I thought you were fresher-looking, I thought you were healthier.What’s done is done, so that’s a terrible thing for me to say but, yes, that’s how I feel. I felt that you were much more beautiful before and I hope that some of this will fade away.”

Ouch, but it’s the truth.

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One Comment on “What is Heidi thinking?”

  1. ina Says:

    I was looking back at some of your posts and found this. I don’t watch the Hills, but I DID tune in to see the new Heidi’s debut. I thought her mother’s lack of supportiveness was DEAD ON, and I am GLAD that someone said it out loud: plastic surgery is ridiculous, it will not make you feel better about yourself, and you are only 22 years old!!! What will you do when you grow older? How many more surgeries can your body stand???
    The saddest part is her interview with Life & Style she announced that she and her family do not speak, she’s getting a divorce, and she’s moving to Costa Rica to keep off the screen for a while. That is a girl who plastic-surgeried herself out of her own life and alienated all her loved ones to look like a blow-up doll. It’s just so sad.

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