Your life can change in the blink of an eye

I still regularly read my old newspaper, the Cortland Standard (or at least what exists of it online). Even though I’m living in the Boston area, I’m still interested in what goes on in the little ol’ upstate New York “town” (it’s technically a city) of Cortland.

Last week I learned that a Cortland State sports management professor was charged with rape and lots of other bad things (this Syracuse Post Standard article details the charges).

After reading about the case I decided to google the professor’s name. I once wrote a story about the sports management department at Cortland State and wanted to remember if I’d interviewed him. I couldn’t find the article online, but ended up finding the print version in my apartment. Nope, I hadn’t interviewed him.

I went back to my Google results. I checked out the man’s LinkedIn page, his website, and his Facebook page (it’s public).

I came to understand this guy has lots of connections in the sports management industry, and in general. Five-hundred-plus LinkedIn connections, 857 Facebook friends.

On the surface he seems like an upbeat, well-liked person. His Facebook page has various pictures of him smiling with family and colleagues. On the Rate My Professor website numerous students gave him a high mark.

One called him the “best teacher on campus,” another said “I’d have a beer with him,” and another said he was “easy going and friendly.”

His last Facebook status update was “If the Bruins can win three in a row, so can the Sabres”. It was posted Thursday at 2:12 p.m.

Apparently he was arrested sometime on Thursday as well. He must’ve been arrested following his Facebook post. I mean, I don’t think they let you use Facebook in jail (right???), and he’s likely not out on bail (it’s set at $250,000).

Well this really got me thinking about how your life can change in the matter of seconds. One instant, you’re working from home, excited about watching the hockey game with your buddies in the evening. The next second, police are at your door, telling you you’ve done all these horrible things.

I mean, obviously if he really did these things he already knew he did them. But his life turned upside when he learned he was caught.

I have no idea as to whether the professor did what he’s accused of doing. But I know that the life, career and social network he built up were upended in an instant.

What a crazy world!

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2 Comments on “Your life can change in the blink of an eye”

  1. ina Says:

    First of all, I love it that you still read your hometown newspaper. Secondly, your journalism skills were put to good use in this post (how impressively thorough). And lastly, I laughed at “obviously if he really did these things he already knew he did them” — that was funny. At the same time, unless he’s a complete psycho/sociopath, he mush have lived in fear of being caught every day of his life. So he must have had these feelings of guilt haunting him every minute, even as he updated his FB status or smiled for pix with his family.

  2. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    Yeah good point about him already living in fear/with guilt. Maybe his life didn’t change as much as I thought it had as a result.

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