“This is a toast to Jeannie’s rational approach to decision-making”

I had a good chuckle the other day when I watched some of my friend Jeannie’s wedding video with her and our respective significant others.

They made me watch the part where I gave Jeannie a wedding toast. It’s always hard to watch yourself speak. You notice your faults that way.

I started off the toast describing how Jeannie and I met and mentioning some fun times we had together. I then began listening a number of the characteristics I like about Jeannie.

The first two were pretty standard. But the next characteristic was her “rational approach to decision-making.” Rational approach to decision-making? What was I thinking! Who says that during a wedding toast?

This part of the speech had Jeannie, her husband, my boyfriend and I roaring with laughter. My boyfriend was like, “Christine, that was supposed to be a wedding toast, not a nomination speech for a new Supreme Court Justice!”

Oh well, guess I didn’t get the memo!

Image from www.flickr.com/photos/omargutierrez/513568276

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4 Comments on ““This is a toast to Jeannie’s rational approach to decision-making””

  1. ina Says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That was hilarious.

  2. Jeannie Says:

    haha…so funny!

  3. Christine Laubenstein Says:

    LOL glad you liked it!

  4. […] wait, I never really had them. Still, I’ve got to get better at giving speeches. In T-45 days or so I will be speaking at […]

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