Some pics from the North End of Boston

I was lucky to have spent some time in the North End this winter for one of my internships.

My walk from the Haymarket T-stop to Commercial Street was lovely. I headed down Hanover Street, one of the most colorful streets in the North End. Here are some pictures I recently took of the area:

Boston on a rainy day

Marshall Street

Boston on a sunny day

Marshall Street's stone road

Another view of Boston

Hanover Street

Birds on Hanover Street

Commercial Street sign

People reading near Cross Street

Intersection of Hanover and Cross streets

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4 Comments on “Some pics from the North End of Boston”

  1. ina Says:

    I’m lovin’ it 😉

  2. christinelaubenstein Says:

    Glad you like my pics:-). Hey, I copied you and got a perm! How do you like yours so far?

  3. ina Says:

    I love mine! It’s as if I was meant to have curly hair. In fact, it’s almost not curly enough! I have to find stronger products that will keep my curls alive. On that thought: I should probably get shampoo for curly hair, shouldn’t I? The possibilities are endless!!! People think that this is my natural hair, and I’ve been ironing it all along. Kinda funny but kinda frustrating: did my hair not look naturally straight before? Anyways, don’t get me started on my hair. (too late)

    • christinelaubenstein Says:

      LOL, I can see how those comments would get annoying. I think, though, people really aren’t used to people with straight hair getting their hair curled. For some reason people are obsessed with straightening their hair, not adding body to it. Do you agree? So that may be why they react the way they do. Good luck making your hair curlier. Yeah, a shampoo may help. Also, I find my hair is curlier when I don’t dry it.

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