Two indispensable items in my life: My GPS and my daily planner

I don’t know what I would do without my GPS or my daily planner.

Let’s start with the GPS. As a relative newcomer to Boston, it’s easy to get lost. My first few months here I did not have a GPS, and had to go to various new places for my job.

I would end up on the Massachusetts Turnpike for no reason (and in turn have to pay tolls), driving in circles to find a hard-t0-spot road, or in a random town south of the city.

The worst was at night. Trying to find a particular street sign in the dark while not even having a vague idea of where it might be was no fun. And it certainly wasn’t fun for those driving behind me.

Anyway, things changed when that year I got a GPS for Christmas.

While sometimes it doesn’t give me the best directions (e.g. when it gave me roundabout directions for getting to a particular Baltimore neighborhood that included driving through a slum where I saw men carrying weapons), it always somehow gets me to where I need to be.

The other indispensable item in my life, the daily planner, is something I’ve used for years. In high school and part of college I always bought a Winnie-the-Pooh-themed planner (Staples carried new designs each year). I loved the planner’s relatively small size, its durable yet flexible front and back cover pages, and the generous amount of space it provided for each day of the week.

Each year I continue to buy a daily planner, even if it’s smaller and subtler than the ones I used to buy. Here are two random pages of the one I’m using this year:

Maybe I have a problem but I write almost everything I have to do in there, and feel a decent dose of satisfaction when I get to cross something off. It looks like I had extra fun crossing off some of the items shown in the picture, judging by the extent to which I drew over them.

Without the planner I would probably forget about some of the things I need to do. But even worse I would feel like I had less control over my life.

Maybe I am sort of a control freak, but at least I try to balance that out by spending time with people who are in no way control freaks. I don’t think that lessens my overall level of “control-freakedness”, but at least for a few moments I’m less that way.

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One Comment on “Two indispensable items in my life: My GPS and my daily planner”

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