All things in moderation

Four years ago I wrote an article for my college newspaper about my decision, and a number of my classmates’ decision, to not use Facebook. Here’s an excerpt:

Facebook users often accumulate a list of more than 100 friends in their profiles, but they may not utter a word to many of these friends when passing them on campus. In my opinion, these long lists of friends weaken the meaning of friendship. The “relationships” are often no more than acquaintances.

Also, when you acquire so many friends, you spread yourself thin. You invest a little bit of time into many different relationships instead of a good deal of time into several relationships.

I ended up joining Facebook a couple of years later. I guess the potential benefit from joining outweighed my reservations. Also, my opinions about social media outlets had become less radical.

Well here I am two years later, and I am sort of inching back in the direction of not using the social networking device. I mean, I have no intention of getting rid of it entirely. I now believe it’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world.

But I plan on using it a lot less. I would find myself wasting hours a week on Facebook for no good reason. I would get anxious when I couldn’t use it wondering what I was missing out on. I finally realized that is so silly and unhealthy. So I am pretty much giving it up without getting rid of my account entirely.

I will use it when I need to contact someone, have been contacted by someone, or have another good reason. But that will be about it!

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3 Comments on “All things in moderation”

  1. ina Says:

    I quit Facebook when I realized that the fact that I wasn’t getting as many comments on my status as other people were was causing me anxiety. I decided to eliminate the source altogether! I didn’t get rid of my account, but now I have nothing on it. I feel healthier about it. I’m really loving your introspective posts, keep it up! ina

  2. christinelaubenstein Says:

    Hey, Ina! I think I remember you saying that Facebook made you anxious, too! That’s cool you understand:-). I’m hoping that not using Facebook will help me blog more. You’re my inspiration with your constant blog updating!

  3. […] Comment! I have not used the computer or watched TV since getting out of work on Friday, and it was AWESOME. I can’t say Christine’s article recommendation about the "things we could be doing instead of being on Facebook” had nothing to do with it. You can read more on Christine’s views on Facebook here. […]

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